Chuck Schroeder: Nebraska artist honoring people and places, inspiring future generations.

The Artist - Professional Artist

Chuck Schroeder is a highly esteemed professional artist who resides in the picturesque area of Eagle, Nebraska. With a deep-rooted appreciation for people and places, his body of work exudes a profound respect for the essence and character that can serve as a guiding light and source of inspiration for future generations. By capturing the raw beauty and authenticity of his subjects, Schroeder’s art creates a timeless connection between past, present, and future, inviting viewers to explore the rich tapestry of humanity and the enduring power of the places we call home.

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Where We’ve Met

The Art - Nebraska Fine Art​

Discover Chuck Schroeder’s captivating art, which will transport you to a world filled with depth and emotion. Immerse yourself in his incredible drawings and paintings, as they pay homage to cherished individuals and cherished landscapes alike. Embark on a journey of personalization by commissioning your very own custom piece from the talented artist. Experience the magic firsthand by visiting our gallery page, where you can delve into an array of Chuck’s recent artworks from the Cowboy Culture and Tennessee Memories collections. Prepare to be enchanted as each piece is thoughtfully accompanied by detailed descriptions and prices (please note that frame and shipping costs are not included). Uncover the essence of beauty and connection through the artistry of Chuck Schroeder at Schroeder Fine Art.