Mitch “Chiefy” Parker

Walthill, Nebraska
Omaha Tribal Leader, Native American Spiritual Elder

Mitch, a member of the Omaha tribe and part of the “bird” clan, has carried responsibility for the progress and well being of his people through his role as Tribal Chairman. He grew up under the wing of his grandmother who was a vital member of the Native American community in Macy, Nebraska. He found a career path in tribal law enforcement, advancing to an elite corps with responsibility for peace keeping in the most difficult situations. After numerous postings in far flung locations, he returned to Macy with his wife, Audrey, to raise their children. More recently they, together, accepted the mantle of spiritual leadership in the Native American church, passed down from Mitch’s parents. They quietly relate their full faith that through the traditional ceremonies, the Great Spirit will continue to guide future generations. They are full committed to doing their part. I captured this image of Mitch during a sitting at the Carl T. Curtis Health Education Center in 2018. Mitch and Audrey have become dear friends to Kathi and me in this process.

20″ x 16″ Oil on canvas