Imogene Veach Beals, aka “Grandma Imy”


Indomitable spirit coupled with a finely honed sense of right and wrong. Imy was brought up in the rough and hard scrabble world of the cowboy, in particular the culture of American rodeo. Imy was the “Grande Dame” of this colorful element of our Western heritage and held a steady hand over the “cowboy way” where your word was golden, your handshake a serious bond and decent behavior NOT a suggestion but an expectation.

The daughter of a legendary saddlemaker, Imy was an outstanding artisan in both leather and fine fabric. She joined husband Charlie Beals in outfitting generations of cowboys and cowgirls in top quality saddles and tack, as well as introducing an original line of western wear. She loved her way of life, from being a trick rider as a youth to a renowned businesswoman to a respected journalist and rodeo historian. She could enjoy a bawdy laugh over a good story, but even at age 90 and working from a wheel chair, when calling one to task for a step across the line, she could bring a World Champion bull rider to his knees with the wag of her finger.