Clement and Mildred Knobbe

West Point, Nebraska

The respected culture of America’s Heartland was built by and upon the enduring values of people like Clem and Mildred Knobbe. They had big dreams; dreams that may not be fulfilled in their lifetimes, but dreams that would create the framework for honorable endeavor for generations of their family yet to come. They understood the difference between dreams and fantasies. Fantasies are shrouded in billowing clouds and rainbows. Dreams stand atop a mountain of hard work, unfailing persistence and diligence, and an abiding faith in God to provide guidance through the valleys and victories en route to attainment. Clem and Mildred made daily choices to keep their dreams alive and in focus, believing they were the pathway to the success of their family, their farm, their community and their country. As an artist, it was a special privilege to look into the beautiful faces of these cultural elders – genuine heroes – and attempt to capture their spirit for posterity.